Male Edge Extender Review – Effective But Flimsy

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The Male Edge extender was developed by the same company that created the Jes extender over a decade ago. Thus, they have years of experience in making male enhancement devices. The Male Edge penis extender is an improvement over the Jes extender – it is more comfortable to wear, easier to use, and more effective. It is offered in three versions: Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra and Male Edge Pro. The following are the major benefits of the device:

·Increases penis length (up to 24%)

·Increases penis width (up to 12%)

·Straightens curved/bent penises by up to 90% in 12 months

·Enables stronger and harder erections

Another major benefit is that this extender is comfortable to wear. This is very important because the more comfortable an extender is to wear, the more you will be wearing it, and for longer periods. This will of course result in more increase in size. The comfort is ensured by three components of the extender: a pad of foam that wraps around the penis to cushion it, a soft rubber strap that holds the penis down, and a layer of cohesive gauze that adds to the securing of the strap.

How Does Male Edge Work?

The body has a natural ability to expand and grow under pressure. This is the basic principle on which the device is built – it is the concept of traction in action. It is a simple and effective method that has been clinically proven to work. When pressure is applied to the penile tissues, its cells divide and grow. This results in a longer and wider penis as more tissues are formed. The device also works to correct curved penises.

This is the same idea that some primitive tribes have used for ages to stretch certain body parts, such as the neck, lips and ear lobes. The results that Male Edge provides are permanent. It is proven to work when used consistently (for at least 4 hours each day). Because the results are based on the frequency of usage, it is advisable to use the device as often as possible. It can be worn while you are engaged in all your normal daytime activities and it is okay to sleep with it on.

Does Male Edge Work?

According to consumer opinion as found in online user forums etc., this extender is effective in increasing penis size. Guys find it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. However, some people are commenting on how “flimsy” the extender is, and how it has broken into pieces for a few people.


Although Male Edge does appear to be effective, due to what people are saying about the quality of its materials, I would recommend that you try another extender, one with more positive customer feedback. However, if you would like to try it out before deciding for yourself whether you like it or not, keep in mind that the manufacturers offer an impressive double your money back guarantee if the product fails to work for you. To claim a refund, you must have used the device as prescribed for a sufficient period of time. You must also take a picture before you start using it and register on their official website. The device is also covered by a 2-year manufacturer replacement warranty. So if you want to give this extender a spin, I have no reason to persuade you otherwise.

If you have any pre-sales questions, you can check out the user forum on the seller’s website to ask them. The user forum will also provide customer support and an opportunity to communicate with other customers after you purchase the extender.

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Male Edge Penis Extenderclick here